Industry mediation

You are looking for a product, a service or cooperation partners. Your demand is our challenge, which we will meet. We will find what you need according to your specifications.

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The two main areas in which we at EDELMANN advise and broker industrial contracts are military and civil. In both cases, everything revolves around tenders, offers and their fulfilment in the main areas of energy production and containerisation. Industrial mediation and consulting at the highest level. In addition to this, we offer consulting and mediation for companies who are facing technical problems or are looking for suitable customers independent of tenders.


In the military sector EDELMANN is at your side to generate exclusively bestcases in the two concise areas of consulting and mediation. Many years of high-quality military experience guarantee the absolute technical understanding of both sides in the period from the offer phase to the placing of the order. Should you need a military product, we will find the right partner for you.

For tenderers

As a consultant for all questions concerning the preparation of offers, we help you to configure and put together the right products so that the tendering process before you is matched by a tailor-made offer from your company. This already sets you apart from your competitors.


It can be immensely important that the competent advice of EDELMANN is included even before the offer is prepared. Because you should already include important details of the potential customer in the development of your products. Only if you design your product to fit perfectly will the military offer writer recognise that you have the technical expertise he expects.

With EDELMANN on board, you will be made strong to generate a successful deal.


Tender writer

Of course, we are also happy to bring our military expertise to the tendering party. After all, there are often open questions here, which we will answer precisely. A quotation must be drawn up in such a concrete way that construction sites or stumbling blocks get in your way afterwards. This also includes the topics of training and further training, maintenance and repair concepts as well as the long-term supply of spare parts that follow on from the quotation. After all, an offer has a timeline that extends far beyond the award of the contract.


In civil companies, the topics of power generation and containerisation are strongly represented. Areas such as the design of mobile workshops, mobile control centres, office containers etc. also affect civil industrial companies. Power generation out of office is also a central topic. EDELMANN provides optimal advice and mediates you bindingly in these areas.

For example, the repair of electronic components in civil companies is part of the daily routine. Here too, we will find the right partners for you.


Are you looking for a consultant who will support you in the conception of a concrete challenge in your own company? Nothing easier than that. Because our expertise goes far beyond your needs. We are tried and tested and crisis-proof. For example, is there an emergency plan for mobile energy supply to be drawn up? Or is a long-term solution to be developed in order to remain capable of acting? In any case, our advice will give you the answers that will bring you to your goal. The view from outside is our strength.

Industrial mediation

You are part of a tender and want to throw the competitors out of the race? You are looking for cooperation partners for your daily business? Both will only work if you fully understand your counterpart. EDELMANN also offers you know-how in these areas that puts you in the position of being the right partner or finding the right partner.

Are you writing out an offer yourself? If so, we will support you actively to think through the concept down to the smallest detail, so that everything runs smoothly during implementation afterwards.

We can provide you with discussion and implementation partners, both military and civil, who will help you and your order to get started. Whether you need industrial mediation or consulting, with us you can always count on success.

The Edelman Promise

We only bring together business partners who are a perfect match in terms of expertise and business. We advise you comprehensively and precisely, so that open questions are a thing of the past.


Clarity and commitment in EDELMANN quality for your company.

We at EDELMANN offer a qualitative company network. We meet cooperation partners and those who want to become cooperation partners with an open mind and discretion. We ask concrete questions and expect the same answers. Strong values connect the individual partners of the EDELMANN network.



The values on which our passion is built are:

    • Respect
    • Commitment
    • Clarity
    • Trust

Only companies that live these values become part of the high-turnover network of EDELMANN industrial agency. This means that if you commission us, you can be sure that your company will be included in the pool of effective companies and placed.




The term EDELMANN is our mission. We create sustainable, human relationships based on lived values. A network is as strong as the individual fixed points. Therefore we build on connections that focus on understanding the partners, the people and their success.



Why you should take EDELMANN on board as your cooperation partner?

Here are 5 good reasons:

  1. Avoidance of possible technical mistakes in relation to a specific offer. This saves resources in the form of people, time and material and thus relieves your budget.
  2. Minimization of the risk of not being positioned at all due to incorrect quotations in tenders.
  3. Access to contact persons who would otherwise be unreachable for you.
  4. Reliable and long-term partnerships based on shared values
  5. Cooperation partners are prioritised for enquiries submitted to EDELMANN.
  6. EDELMANN optimises your performance.

We will be happy to present other good reasons to you in a private discussion. So it would be best if you contact us today. During a pleasantly relaxed information session we will listen to you carefully and explain why EDELMANN is the right partner at your side.


Many thanks for your time

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